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Alpha-fetoprotein Screening (AFP)

  • Alpha-fetoprotein Screening (AFP)
    This is a kind of blood test that shows the level s of alpha-fetoprotein in the mother’s blood and can diagnose malformations in the foetus more accurately. This protein is present in fluid state around the foetus and is produced by the fetal liver. In moderate amounts this protein is considered normal but higher or lower levels can indicate a warning. It crosses the placenta into the mother’s blood and is also sometimes called as the MSAFP (maternal serum AFP) Test for the same reason.

    Malfunctions and defects are indicated by the presence of abnormal levels of AFP. There might be malformations in the spinal cord, defects like spina bifida, Down syndrome and a false due date for the prenancy. This test serves, as a signal for defects, which can be further, made clear through other types of diagnosis.

    This test is specifically administered to pregnant women keeping in mind their age, weight, ethnicity and diabetic conditions.
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