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Ultrasound or Sonography

  • Ultrasound or Sonography:
    This is an important test to know the growth and placement of the foetus during the prenancy. It also shows whether the placenta is growing adequately and blood is reaching the foetus without obstructions. The ultrasound is used to state the date of delivery and lets the doctor monitor the breathing and heart rate of the foetus.

    The ultrasound is done on a full bladder and thus might require you to drink a lot of water before the test. The radiologist applies a gel on the abdomen and then passes a probe on the naked abdomen and the images are then seen on a screen. The image seen on the screen would normally be a 2D Image but with advancement in technology a 3D image is also possible. The 3D image allows the doctor a sneak into the height, width and depth of the foetus, which can be instrumental in diagnosis.

    These Ultrasound images can be captured through photographs or video and parents can bond with their unborn babies well. Doctors normally advise two to three sonographies to check the growth of the foetus during the pregnancy.

    However many people get a sonography done to determine the sex of the baby, which is illegal in some countries. The ultrasound also tells one whether there is more than one foetus in the body.

    Sometimes the doctor may also ask you to go for Transvaginal Ultrasound. In this kind of test a small device known as ultrasound transducer is inserted in the vagina to get an image. It produces a better image and is normally used during early prenancy. This test is also prescribed to women with complications in their pregnancy as it produces sharper images.
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