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Even though symptoms of prenancy can be isolated, it is advisable to perform certain tests to ascertain the pregnancy. Tests are also done to minimize chances of any complications that might arise in the prenancy or during childbirth.

Home Pregnancy Tests [HPT]

Blood Pregnancy Test

Pelvic Exam

The blood test is the easiest way to predict the prenancy. But it is always better to have the pelvic examination conducted too. The gynecologist would determine the prenancy by estimating uterus enlargement, uterine softening and bluish colouring of the cervix.

The test is done after six weeks from the last menstrual cycle and can be a little embarrassing for first timers. The doctor manually examines the pelvic organs using some instruments and his/her hands. It is recommended to empty your bladder before going for the examination and relax your muscles so that the doctor can examine correctly.

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