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Even though symptoms of prenancy can be isolated, it is advisable to perform certain tests to ascertain the pregnancy. Tests are also done to minimize chances of any complications that might arise in the prenancy or during childbirth.

Home Pregnancy Tests [HPT]

Blood Prenancy Test

Once the home pregnancy test confirms the pregnancy as positive, it is always suggested to see a doctor and get a proper blood test done. The blood test would also check the presence of the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone and confirm the test.

Blood tests are more accurate as they pick up the presence of the hormone better than urine tests. There are two types of blood tests administered during the pregnancy: qualitative and quantitative. The qualitative test is to ascertain the pregnancy and the quantitative one is to tell how far has the prenancy progressed after ovulation. The results for the blood tests can usually be obtained within an hour of administering the test.

Pelvic Exam

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