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Reproduction is a basic function of human beings. They reproduce to keep generations alive and the human civilization active. God has granted the gift of reproduction to the female of the species. Women bring life into this world and also nurture it. Getting pregnant is one of the most exhilarating of all the feelings in the world. Prenancy is the stage wherein the human egg, residing in a woman’s womb, develops into a baby within a stipulated time. The embryo might take approximately 38 weeks from the time of fertilization to develop into a completely formed fetus (or foetus).

Pregnancy takes a couple’s relationship to a different level and both experience joy and satisfaction. Some consider it as a symbol of their love and companionship. Its makes a woman feel complete and the man more responsible and sensitive. Both men and women go through a lot of emotional turmoil during the prenancy, which makes their relationship stronger.

Pregnancy brings a lot of emotional and physical changes in a woman as well. Some women complete their pregnancy without any trouble whereas some have to endure a lot till childbirth. The symptoms would vary depending on an individual’s body and metabolism. Some experience discomfort during the initial stages of prenancy and some might feel it between the onset of pregnancy and childbirth. Some women don’t feel any kind of uneasiness during the entire period of pregnancy.

The pregnancy period lasts for approximately 9 months and there are many bodily and mental changes that a mother goes through during this period. The changes in pregnancy are evaluated and have been divided into three periods or trimesters. Each trimester contains three months and has specific patterns in their growth. Special care is needed during the first and second trimester, as risk chances are high. The middle trimester is relatively easy for a lot of women. However, it depends and varies from individual to individual.

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